Dear V,

    I have an issue with one of my good friends. She is constantly making up stories, and she tries to impress everyone with money and things that “she is going to get,” but she usually never gets them. In addition, she tells everyone a different story and does not stick to the same stories. I guess you could say that she is a really bad liar and that more and more people are starting to figure out that her entire life is based on her lies. My question is, do I dump this friend who is acting like a complete bimbo, or do I confront the lies and try to salvage the friendship? And, is it any of my business to get involved in her web of lies, or should I just trust my intuition and send her to the wolves?


    Loves to hear ’em howl

    Dear Reader,

    No pity for the poor, lying fool? You heartless bitch! But, in all seriousness, you obviously don’t even know who this girl really is if everything that she has ever told you about herself is a big, fat lie. Is it even worth your time, efforts, and already wasted frustrations to try to meddle in her head and sort everything out (although I bet the fruitcake would welcome your help untangling her screwy b.s.; it sounds like she’s that far gone)? Of course it’s not! Come on, it’s a new year, be selfish for God’s sake, and dump the girl!

    But, if you do fancy yourself compassionate, confront the girl privately and let her know how her tarnished, lying ass of a reputation is slowly sliding down the skids into the muck below. Might I recommend, as I usually do, a trip to a professional psychologist or psychiatrist to mend her wicked self- esteem issues and her out of control insecurities about her status in life? Hopefully, she wouldn’t lie to someone that she’s paying to talk with, but then again, you never know. It’s your call.

    Good Luck!


    Dear V,

    I just got back from studying abroad and had the most amazing experience. However, I think that I have fallen in love with one of the sexiest Irish boys ever. This is only the second person in my life that I have ever had this much feeling for. What do I do? Do I try and go back to Europe this summer and see how things work, or do I forget him completely, and forever live in regret?


    Dear Help,

    OK, drop everything, and get your butt back to Ireland! And, I’m not kidding. If this is only the second person in your life that you have felt such strong emotion for, then you ought to go get your boy! Ew, who wants to live a life of regret and “what could have been?” Don’t turn 40 on me here, you are not having a mid life crisis yet!

    If you’re stuck stateside for awhile, make sure that you keep up the chit chat with your Irish lad, and keep his level of interest in you constantly peaking…ooh lala! By the time the summer rolls around, you may find that your interest in him has dipped or, conversely, gone off the friggin charts! Be persistent. Timing always has a way of screwing things up, but fate knows what’s best, I swear.

    Best of Luck,


    First Fact of the New Year…Among older men, vanilla is the most erotic smell…Adios grandpa!

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