Beaux Arts Festival keeps campus busy

By Joanna Davila

Happen to notice the dozens of bleach-white tents dotting campus this weekend? Celebrating its 53rd year of art, the Beaux Art Festival took over the greater part of Stanford Drive and the grassy areas surrounding the Lowe and the UC from Friday to Sunday.

The three-day festival occurs every year in the beginning of January, giving local and regional artists a chance to display their works for the public.

Supporting a wide variety of artists, the festival had works that ranged in scope from jewelry to paintings to metal-works. A few tents even had handmade jackets, woven baskets and neatly crafted leather goods.

Despite the rain and mud, the various artists each had tents full of their artistic works, attending to the throngs of people that flocked to campus. Some showcased beaded or sterling silver jewelry in glass cases while others hung dozens of vivid paintings, containing blindingly bright colors. Although the art show didn’t exactly showcase museum-worthy art pieces, each tent had something fun and interesting to look at albeit actual artistic merit.

Needing no artistic sense at all, the Beaux Arts festival must be commended for its food vendors who lined Stanford Drive with a host of grills, blenders and plastic ware. Starting with the “Greek Tavern” and the fruit smoothie stand, the pungent smell of roasted chicken, saut