WISHLIST All EDGE wants for the holidays

So yes, it’s early but we thought we’d get a jumpstart on the holiday season like the rest of America and tell Santa what we really want for Christmas. Hopefully some of the mix of thangs’ will make it on to your Christmas list too…were you naughty or were you nice?

Better radio stations. The current ones are at it again with the hip-hop, and as consumers we realize that hip-hop is a huge market in Miami, but honestly, some of those other Billboard chart toppers need some airtime too.
Cooler websites to get good Christmas presents for friends and family that you can’t spend over $30 for. Check out www.urbn.com and www.fredflare.com for now.

VIP passes to all the haute New Year’s parties. Celebrities, gossip, Cristal and beautiful Miami Beach; enough said.

More pages! Take pity on the paper and let EDGE expand to a full two or three pages, we promise there will be good stuff to read.