News: 5 Top Moments

1-Debate ’04

Who will ever forget the chaos brought on by celebrity sightings, the media blitz, tight security and parking fiascos associated with the first Presidential Debate of 2004 held at the UM Convocation Center? More importantly, students got to experience history in the making, many even getting the opportunity to attend the Bush vs. Kerry debate.


ne word: Lockdown. Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne devastated the Caribbean and put Florida in a state of prolonged emergency. Students stocked up on everything from bottled water to canned food, going in search of a full tank of gas. Luckily, despite the shutters being up for months, UM and the city of Miami were mostly spared.

3-2004 Elections: The People Decide

seemed the entire semester was building up to the day when the U.S. presidency for the next four years was decided. Students waited in line up to seven hours at the Convocation Center to ensure that their votes would be counted. Despite some minor setbacks, the election ran much smoother than in 2000 to the relief of many Floridians.

4-Dalai Lama Visits UM

A spiritual leader and world visionary for peace, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama addressed the University and spoke on A Human Approach to World Peace to a packed crowd at the Convocation Center.

5-Homecoming ’04: Evolutions

Parades, reunions, ceremonies and competitions marked this exciting week full of school spirit. Alumni and current students came together in celebration of UM’s alma mater, participating in time-honored school traditions, creating new memories while reminiscing the past.