No More

Drunk Dialing

…now who’s going to take care of the random making out, public vomiting and passing out curbside?

An Australian phone company is saving its customers from humiliation. How, you ask? After taking a survey of 409 Virgin Mobile users, the results found that 95 percent make drunk calls.

Surprise, surprise, of those calls, 30 percent were to ex-lovers, 19 percent to current lovers, and 36 percent to random others, including their bosses-a definite no. In response to the survey, the phone company is offering its customers the chance to blacklist particular phone numbers so that while out that evening they can avoid any chance of making any incoherent, embarrassing or purely asinine late-night calls.

Yay for Shalala…

VICE magazine is having its hate issue, so whom did it ask what she hated? That’s right ladies and gentlemen, our University president Donna Shalala, who said she hates mushrooms, “because they are slimy.”