After nearly two years of taking a break from stardom, Skindred has finally released its first album on Lava Records equipped with hard-hitting guitar rifts and unique lyrics. A combination of fused hard rock and reggae, Babylon is paving the band a road for stardom and leading the way for many other Rastafarian metal bands.

Formerly from the United Kingdom, Skindred consists of four gifted artists who each bring a distinct style to the band. Founded by head vocalist Benji Webbe and bassist Daniel Pugsley, the two leading men are building up for the growth of a fresh explosive genre. After two years of writing and producing Babylon, they are ready for whatever comes their way. With a blend of reggae and punk, the CD’s entire tone is clearly unpredictable with edgy lyrics.

Babylon will undoubtedly be considered one of the most impressive rock releases this year. With 16 stunning tracks, Skindred has improved on all past efforts and delivered a set of captivating songs. The highlights are numerous: “Set It Off” serves as the opener with incredible sub-bass booms and an amazing chorus, while “The Fear” is more subtle and serves as a remake of The Clash’s “London Calling.” What makes this album like no other is that it consists of an introduction and three interludes.

Fusing two different music types such as metal and reggae is an arduous task. However, Skindred makes it look easy. Make sure to look out for Babylon in the record store nearest to you.

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