Internet addiction

College students are truly a breed of their own. Resourcefulness is mastered as students fill empty gallon jugs with milk from the dinning hall and procrastination is perfected as elevator rides and hallway dancing seem to take precedence over studying. But if procrastination isn’t already innate, new websites are offering students more opportunities to push reading and studying further down on the “to do” list.

If living in one of meccas of fashion isn’t enough, or dealing with city parking is just too much, online shopping offers just as much variety as does walking down the Lincoln Road or Sunset Drive boutiques. offers New York flair to the Miami resident. Rather than selling merchandise from established designers, promotes up-and-coming designers and sells clothing and accessories for girls, guys and kids. Although presently unknown by label, the steep prices seem to demand Versace-like respect; a belt can cost upwards of $350 and sale items can range from $6 to $200, depending on the piece.
For the economizers who tend to shop on a more “college student” budget, is the place to visit. Although more limited in its selection, uses the vibrant colors and loud patterns that will demand attention when hitting the Miami scene. Another low budget online shop,, offers a wider range of clothing styles and cuts from graphic shirts to ponchos and jeans to corduroy. However, takes a more sophisticated and chic approach to fashion than its more lurid counterpart

Who doesn’t enjoy some comedic relief during “studying” for tests? is the official website of up-and-coming comedian Aaron Karo. A University of Pennsylvania and Zeta Beta Tau alumnus, Karo was a guest commentator on VH1’s “I love the 90’s” and has written Ruminations on College Life and Ruminations on Twentysomething Life. According to, his free online column “follows me, now approaching my late twenties, as I continue to ponder life as a recovering frat boy.” His quirky advice, cynical view of New York life and biweekly addition of new columns can create a seemingly cult-like addition to his sarcastic humor.

Don’t have a play station but still yearn for the challenge? Or maybe you want to reminisce your favorite childhood games. is the haven for all the eccentricities the internet has to offer. links up to over 50 websites offering free games, tips and downloads. And yes, you can even play a virtual game of rock, paper, scissors. Or if you’re really bored, you can always run your own virtual lemonade stand, pop virtual bubble wrap, vote for the ugliest person or play virtual MASH. Whatever makes you happy, offers it all.

So whether you’re busting a gut laughing, browsing the latest trends, shopping for the holidays or refining your eye hand coordination skills, new websites aimed for the college generation are helping in defeating late-night boredom.

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