Do students enjoy disrespecting their classmates?

We all know these people. They are late, talkative, eat in class, and always seem to forget that there cell phone is on ring mode. Why is it that we have a new class schedule which allows us 15 minutes to walk from one class to another and people are still late? If you are five minutes late for class, you took 20 minutes to get there! What follows after a student is late is the apologetic posture to show that they are sorry for being late. Sorry works maybe twice a semester. Why are you late every day?

As expected, these are usually the same people who pack up with a few minutes left in the lecture while the professor is still speaking. If you haven’t heard yet, the lecture is over when the professor stops speaking. What’s the rush you’re going to be late for your next class anyway?

Once you get into class, shut up. I am in the room to learn along with all of the other people who are already seated and prepared. I don’t need to hear you babble about something meaningless while I am struggling to hear a “low-talking” professor.

If you have to eat, must it be in the classroom? It is never the easy-open Tupperware; it is always the bag of chips that’s sealed with super glue that you struggle to open or the dreaded peppermint with the cellophane wrapper. It doesn’t matter if you open each fast or slow it is annoying. Couple this with a carbonated drink and the subsequent hiss once opened and you are ready to eat.

Turn off the phone, please! Does the professor actually have to tell you to turn it off? It shouldn’t be on in class anyway unless you are expecting an emergency and even then it should be on vibrate.

Would you be mad if your professor didn’t admit you to a class after five minutes? You shouldn’t be, because you are breaking the flow of the lecture and hurting everyone else’s investment in class. You can do whatever you want on your own time; just don’t bring it to the classroom.

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