Miami International Book Fair

Books are invading the city and the Miami International Book Fair is the place for literary connoisseurs, authors or people who just like to read. Covering every topic imaginable books categories include non-fiction, fiction, travel, self-help, architecture, short stories and a dozen other genres.

For the most part the bright covers and glossy text are eye-catching, not to mention the interesting titles and stickers that stamp the book as a bestseller on the New York Times list. Too overwhelmed to choose just one, here a few reviews on some time-worthy books.

Who the Hell’s in It

by Peter Bogdanovich

Famous as a director, film historian and critic, Peter Bogdanovich draws upon his life experiences for his new book, Who the Hell’s in It. Working side by side with actors for most of his lifetime, Bogdanovich provides snippets of the styles, lives and histories of the actors and actresses that he has so befriended.

Painting portraits through words, Bogdanovich gives perspectives on the real characters of the dynamic screen stars that we have watched on the silver screen for years. Despite the near 600 pages the 25 sketches are endearing and memorable, a match for lovers of the old cinema.

Voyage to the End of the Room

by Tibor Fischer

Proving his ability as a great writer, Tibor Fischer’s novel Voyage to the End of the Room is a unique story with numerous quirks and interesting characters. The novel is based on Oceane, an ex-erotic dancer who doesn’t leave her London flat, managing to travel the world using her satellite radio, the internet and a travel agent who recreates lavish typical evenings in another country using extravagant d