Iron Arrow launches campaign to preserve UM history

UM’s Iron Arrow Society, founded in conjunction with the University’s opening, is sponsoring the Hurricanes Heritage Campaign that is aimed at preserving UM history for future generations. The campaign will initiate the procurement of historical items and UM memorabilia to create an archival collection that will be housed in the Coral Gables campus. A reception was held last week, during the Iron Arrow tapping, to kick off the campaign and honor past Iron Arrow Chief Rhea Warren, the longest-serving chief in Iron Arrow’s history. He was recognized for his donations to the campaign, which included scrapbooks documenting a specific time in the organization’s past. Iron Arrow is the highest honor attainable at UM and the oldest tradition, demonstrating a powerful influence in maintaining the traditions and history of UM as a whole.

For more information about the Hurricanes Heritage Campaign, contact Norm C. Parsons, Jr. at 305-284-4566 or at

(U-WIRE) MINNEAPOLIS – Much to his chagrin, a University of Minnesota professor gained national media attention and received offers for book deals in recent weeks for creating a new diet.

“It’s really silly,” said David Bernlohr, head of the department of biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics.

“It has gotten so much attention, and it was never my goal to do that,” he said.

Bernlohr, who studies obesity and teaches medical students about metabolism, said he created the now-famous Northwoods Diet about a year ago. In six months, he said, he lost 40 pounds.

But he did not exercise. And he still snacked on chocolate and peanuts and enjoyed the occasional light beer, he said. He did moderate the amount of carbohydrates he consumed, he said.

For breakfast, he ate carbohydrates to increase his body’s insulin production, he said. For lunch, he ate what he calls a transitional meal, which still included some carbohydrates, but also contained more proteins and lipids, generally a slice of pizza. Then for supper, Bernlohr tried to eliminate carbohydrates. He said he tried to stop eating after 7 p.m.

People took notice when Bernlohr shed the weight and began asking him if he was on the Atkins or South Beach diet.

“If the beautiful people in South Florida can have South Beach, the good, hard-working people of Minnesota can have Northwoods,”

The College of Biological Sciences’ alumni magazine made a small reference to the Northwoods Diet in a recent article on Bernlohr’s laboratory. Bernlohr said he is now receiving calls from “Dateline NBC” and National Public Radio.

Too often people are looking for a magical weight-loss cure, Bernlohr said. But if people want to lose weight, they just need to exercise more and reduce their calorie intake, he said.

The Butler Volunteer Services Center is sponsoring the Holiday Hope Tree Project, providing holiday gifts to economically disadvantaged children in the Miami community. Stop by the UC Information desk to pick up a child’s request card and return the unwrapped gift to the Information Desk by Dec. 1. For more information, contact Butler Volunteer Services Center at 305-284-4483 or email

Architecture of Miami, ARC 323/584, is a three-credit course from Dec. 16-29, reviewing Miami’s architectural styles, from the simple wood structures of early settlers to reinforced-concrete tropical high-rise towers. For additional information please call 305-284-5253; please also consult you academic advisor.