Etc. T and A: Two timers and T.A. true love

    Dear V,
    I’ve been seeing someone for about a month. After leaving town for the weekend I came back to find out that he cheated on me. I still like him, but is that wrong? What do I do?
    Betrayed, but still wanting more!

    Dear Betrayed,
    Let’s break it down a little; you’ve been seeing this guy for a month, he cheats on you when there is no chance of you catching him in the flesh, and you still like him. No, no, no. If you’ve only been dating this guy for a month, and you already have trust issues then, WHOA, can you imagine what kind of icky stuff you would get yourself into if you stayed with this guy any longer than your sweet month together?
    So, I know that you still like him, but hopefully your affection is fleeting because, in my humbled opinion, I do not think that you should get back together with this kid. It’s not wrong to like him! Don’t get me wrong here. You can’t fight your feelings (yay for clich