As the November 2004 presidential elections come to a close, only one thing remains fresh in the minds of music moguls everywhere: the opening Rock the Vote performers, Wylde Bunch. From joining the popular Pepsi Smash and Sprite Liquid Mix Tours to recording an ingenious single on Madden 2005, nothing but good luck has fallen on these upcoming musical successes. By releasing their first studio album, Wylde Times at Washington High with Columbia Records/ RED, they are setting trends everywhere by popularizing “old-school ingredients with new school ideas.”

Still on its up rise, this 14-member band from South Central Los Angeles would best be described as utterly unique. With refreshing innovative twists coalesced with positive messages, its music is truly an innovative blend of all types of music: pop, rock, R&B, and hip-hop. Surprising everyone with their sudden rise to stardom, the Wylde Bunch say knew where they would be today. Growing up in the hood, they were a group of high school friends known for their wild antics and unlimited amounts of energy. Henceforth, they got the name Wylde Bunch.

Their new album consists of 12 high-energy tracks telling listeners how their high school days were like. The first single “Last Day of School” bursts with crazy energy and flashes back to how each of us must have felt waiting for summer to start.

Wylde Bunch is a group like no other. Their new album is a blend of free-spirited energy and fresh lyrics. Truly groundbreaking and amazing, grab a copy and listen to it today.

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