After the election, utter disgust finally settles in

Well, the results are in, and Bush has been elected (lack of prefix intended). And looking at the electoral map, it seems that we might have been better off without Lincoln.

I am not ashamed to be a Democrat by any means (though it is tempting to point out that I cast my primary vote for Gov. Dean). I am, however, ashamed to be an American. I really thought we were better than this.

If you want to vote for a guy like John McCain because he doesn’t pee on your leg and tell you it’s raining, fine. But Bush? The man who ran a campaign on fear? I used to have faith in the electorate, but now I’m not so sure. The political science department here at UM did an exit-polling project throughout early voting and all the way up until Election Day. From what I’m hearing about early results, more than half – Democrats included – still think that Saddam Hussein is responsible for 9/11. Say what you want about the man, but even the Bushies have gone on record saying that’s not true. Perhaps more disturbing, a distressingly low percentage of those polled could name Sen. Kerry’s home state, and “Massachusetts Liberal” was even a major campaign theme for the Republicans!

I, like many of you, watched the Daily Show on Nov. 3. Jon Stewart pointed out that even with an economy in decline, fossil fuels dwindling and a need for alternate energy growing, a war that seems to get more horrible by the day, and an ever-intensifying dislike of America around the world, the Heartland (a friend of mine noted that they don’t call it the Brainland for a reason) just couldn’t get over “the sight of dudes kissing.” And that’s the shame of this whole thing. Because of a president (man, it feels weird to finally write that legitimately) who insists on scaring people instead of helping them, voters have been spooked into voting against their own interests. But you know what? More power to the Republicans for fighting dirty. This one is on the electorate.

Citizens are responsible to be intelligent enough to hold a thoughtful debate, not just tell their opponents to move to France. Citizens should be able to face the reality of the war and this administration’s attitude toward the world, which will clearly demand more troops than we have. And citizens shouldn’t be dumb enough to fall for silly election tricks. But it looks like that’s too much to expect from certain non-coast dwelling citizens. Look likes the only chance decency has is in secession. God bless democracy.

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