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Orange Bowl renovations on ballot bond issue passed

On the Nov. 2 ballot, voters in Miami-Dade County considered eight questions on the “Building Better Communities” bond issue – one of which generated millions of dollars for renovations to the Orange Bowl, home of the UM football team. The passage of Bond Question Two to “Construct and Improve Parks and Recreational Facilities” yielded $680 million, including $50 million for Orange Bowl renovations, for more than 100 projects benefiting communities throughout the county.
The Orange Bowl, a facility owned by the City of Miami and used for a variety of sporting and other recreational events, will now undergo substantial improvements, including upgraded seating, installation of a jumbo television screen with instant-replay capability, new and expanded restrooms and concessions, and luxury suites. UM and the city will kick in nearly $90 million in additional funding for the stadium overhaul.

Haunted Greek houses scare give U. Rhode Island a fright

(U-WIRE) KINGSTON, R.I. – As each Halloween approaches, the old tales of haunted fraternities and sororities at the University of Rhode Island become more popular.
Among them, brothers from Lambda Chi Alpha have made reports in the past years that ghosts are among them at the houses.
Abagail, a very popular name on campus because of her story, is reported to live at the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.
According to Eric Stevens, a senior brother at the Lambda Chi Alpha house, Abagail was the daughter of former Rhode Island governor T.F. Green. While at his summerhouse with Abagail, she fell down the main stairwell and was found dead two days later.
“I got out of the shower one day and looked in the mirror and saw a little girl standing next to me,” Stevens said. “This happened in the middle of the summer but at the instant I saw the little girl, it got suddenly cold.”
Hot and cold spots in the house are one of the many signs of haunting, according to Stevens.
Footsteps in the attic of the house while nobody is home and strange writings on the wall saying “help me” have all been proof to the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha that a ghost lives with them.
Jeffrey Jackson, a freshman pledge at Lambda Chi Alpha does not live inside the house but is there on a regular basis and has seen some of these signs.
“I’ve always heard stories of Abagail ever since I pledged, but since I don’t live here, I don’t tend to see or hear as much as the people that do live here,” Jackson said. “The cold and hot spots are there, which gives me all the reason to believe that this isn’t just some fictional tale to scare the freshmen.”

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