Smooth-flowing vocals and clean-cut edgy lyrics are two of the many qualities that you can use to describe Acoustic Syndicate’s new album Long Way Round. An eclectic clash of pop country and soul, Acoustic Syndicate is breaking all barriers and reaching new heights with a tough country image.

Welcoming two additional members to their group, Acoustic’s music provides an innovative fresh sound and shows fast growing improvement in their fitted genre, bluegrass jazz. Adding Lloyd Maines, legendary Texan producer, and Jerry Saunders, an exquisite saxophone player, to the powerhouse country quartet, Acoustic Syndicate is establishing a gentle yet strong appeal to their music and attitude. Emphasizing more on vocals than instrumental play, Lloyd Maines quotes, “Man…the vocals are so soulful that it has to be out front.”

Acoustic Syndicate’s musical flavor is unlike any other artist’s. With an elaborate and complex combination of styles and sounds, the band employs tasteful saxophone solos and unique banjo play. Its vocal skills are also intriguing, leaving the listener in complete awe and amazement. Acoustic can be best described as having “the vocal sensibility of the Eagles”.

With 13 different tracks, each song contributes something special to the album. “The Pilot” is a good example of one of the songs that shows off the band’s superior skills while “The Blue Bird Train” exhibits strong saxophone play. Other hits include “Just As It Happened” and “Wake”.

Long Way Round has all the qualities of a solid album: superb instrumental play and tasteful lyrics. It is truly a work of art.

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