News Briefs

School of Business Administration receives $10 million

The chairman and CEO of several rapidly growing Florida-based health care companies that currently serve more than 500,000 clients, Miguel Fernandez, has given the UM School of Business Administration $10 million, the largest gift ever made to that school. The money will be used to create the Miguel B. Fernandez Family Entrepreneurship Building, which will house an entrepreneurship center, information resource center, undergraduate placement center, academic pavilions and student residences.
Hispanic Business Magazine recently ranked the School the nation’s seventh best business school for Hispanics, and its M.B.A. program was ranked first in the state of Florida in a recent Wall Street Journal corporate recruiter survey.

Laughter group starts morning off with a chuckle

(U-WIRE) LOS ANGELES – To most students, having to be awake at 8 a.m. is not a laughing matter, but there are others who gather around in the sculpture garden to do just that – laugh.
And laughing is not as simple as it might sound. The laughing club gets together on Mondays and Thursdays for about 15 to 20 minutes and does laughing exercises accompanied with stories.
The stories alone are enough to make those in attendance smile, but the concept of physically acting them out and forcing out different sounds of laughter often gets a real laugh out of everyone present by the end of the exercise.
The tradition was brought to the UCLA campus from across the world, more specifically, India.
Scot Pipkin, a fourth-year geography student and a regular of the laughing club, heard about clubs of this kind from a friend who had traveled to India.
On a crisp morning, Pipkin stands in a circle with five others, feet bare on the wet grass.
Pipkin said there are laughs other than the ones exercised at the meetings that require a larger group of people.
“It can get really powerful with the bigger group,” he added.
Pipkin explained that he is involved with this for the personal satisfaction that comes from seeing people go from grouchy to energized.
“I dig it,” he said

New collections at Richter Library

The Otto G. Richter Library staff to announced the installation of a Contemporary Fiction collection and a Paperback Exchange collection. The fiction collection consists of recent award winning fiction titles and is housed on the library’s 1st floor in the Meyer Gold Reading Lounge. The Paperback Exchange is located in the 1st floor opposite the Current Newspapers collection, and patrons are only asked that they replace any book taken with another book that’s in decent condition.