The creators responsible for the annual Seagram’s Gin Live tour came up with a great concept – gather some of urban radio’s hottest artists to showcase their talents on a tour across the nation and for those who attend, give complimentary drinks all courtesy of the liquor company. With a lineup that included Teedra Moses, Tweet and headliner Cee-lo Green, Seagram’s made sure that the tour’s title was properly named. No Ashlee Simpson moments. Just live performances.

Stylist turned singer, Teedra Moses gave a performance that left many in awe. Everything about the singer who released her debut LP Complex Simplicity earlier this year was on point. Elegantly dressed to fit her womanly, yet small frame, Teedra was on a mission to prove to the crowd why she is R&B’s rising star. “When I get on stage, I just try to feel me,” says Teedra about performing. “I don’t really concern myself with the audience. I get involved with the audience, but I don’t rely on the audience.” At times soulful and sultry, Teedra also showed hints of her gangsta side during songs such as “You Better Tell Her” where she sings “And listen daddy I’m too cute to fight/ You better get that bitch told tonight.”

If there was any indication of Teedra’s talent, it was during her performance of “Take Me.” Teedra gave a lasting impression on the audience, one that shows this newcomer will be around for some time.

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