Ibis Ride to run on Halloween night

Despite some initial setbacks, the Ibis Ride shuttle service to Coconut Grove will be provided this Sunday on Halloween. Lack of funding and some reluctance on the part of the University made it seem possible that the service wouldn’t continue this year, but Student Government [SG] took action to obtain the service.

“Shuttle service to the Grove on Halloween was a Student Government initiative last year-demand was huge, and things got really chaotic in Stanford Circle,” said Vance Aloupis, SG president, in reference to the large crowds that were waiting for the two shuttles last year.

Ibis Ride encountered various problems last year with the Halloween shuttles. The shuttle took about an hour to travel to the Grove, and the police department kept changing the shuttle routes and stops, creating confusion for students waiting to be picked up. This resulted in a need for more shuttles, as well as more order with the process.

According to Aloupis, the University was reluctant to provide funding for the shuttles to the Grove mainly because Halloween falls on a Sunday this year. SG displayed the need for four shuttles, and the Office of Student Affairs eventually agreed to provide funding for two more shuttles than last year.

“A lot of students will be over there anyway, so we decided to provide them this service,” Aloupis said. “That way, they don’t have to worry about driving or parking in an area they don’t like.”

Two of the shuttles will stop at Stanford Circle to service residents of Mahoney, Pearson and Eaton Residential Colleges, while the others will stop on Dickinson Drive to service those who live in Stanford and Hecht Residential Colleges.

“UM is working with the Coral Gables Police to agree on a set, regulated route for the shuttles,” Aloupis said. “[SG] will be out there to ensure that things go smoothly.”

Many students will be taking advantage of Ibis Ride on Halloween, while others prefer to drive to the Grove.

“Driving is faster, and you can leave when you want instead of waiting around for the shuttle,” William Yeingst, sophomore, said. “And you don’t have to put up with loud drunks in the shuttle on the way back.”

There are many benefits to using the Ibis Ride service.

“I like to support the campus and use what’s available to me,” Maximilian Abend, freshman, said.

Ricky Laverdure, freshman, will take the shuttle because “it’s safe and reliable.”

Some were more direct about their reasons for utilizing the shuttle.

“I plan on drinking a lot of alcohol,” Kristen Feldman, sophomore, said.

Jay Rooney can be contacted at j.rooney@umiami.edu.