News Briefs

The UM website was recently updated and redesigned. Following a mandate by the World Wide Web Committee that requires to change the appearance of the website every three to four years, University webmasters have worked hard to give the UM website a makeover. The new website features several UM-related headlines, making students aware of what is happening on campus at a glance. According to Jarrad Singman, University Webmaster, the navigation on the new site has switched from a content-based layout to an audience-based layout. The new layout caters to certain groups of people, such as students, faculty and parents, providing information that would be most necessary to them through simple, user-friendly links.

The Ibis yearbook is shooting Senior and Underclassmen pictures the week of Oct. 25 through 29 in UC 233 (across from Flamingo Ballroom A). Seniors should go to (password: IBIS) to make an appointment. There is a $25 sitting fee. Underclassmen can show up anytime between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to have their picture taken; there sitting is no cost. For more info email or call the Ibis Office at 305-284-6385.

(U-WIRE) LINCOLN, Neb. – To some, the game Rock Paper Scissors is just an easy way to decide who gets to ride shotgun or who gets the last mozzarella stick. For members of the World Rock Paper Scissors Society, it has deep cultural significance and clearly defined rules.

On Feb. 1, one University of Nebraska-Lincoln student will win a free trip to South Beach. to participate in the first North American Collegiate Invitational Rock Paper Scissors Tournament.

The sweepstakes, sponsored by GotUsed Books, will award one randomly selected UNL student a chance to win $5,000 by competing against students from more than 90 campuses nationwide.

The selected UNL student and his or her trainer will have a chance to display many skills focusing on elements such as priming, the approach, delivery and throws associated with the activity.

“There’s a strategy to every game,” said Ross Bjork, a senior marketing major. “Personally, I like to go paper, rock, rock.”

The World Rock Paper Scissors Society originated in England in 1842. The club was designed to bring enthusiasts away from the legally binding aspects of the game in an effort to make it more recreational. In 19th century English society, usage of the game reserved as much authority as a binding contract and was valid in contract and tort law.

The World Rock Paper Scissors Society, which nationally sanctions the tournament, is dedicated to the widespread usage of the game as a fun and safe way to settle disputes.

According to the World Rock Paper Scissors Society’s Web site, decision making, wits, speed and dexterity are all key factors in determining a Rock Paper Scissors champion.