CLOTHING Tees make a statement

Ever wanted to express your thoughts without having to say them? Merenda is the solution, with designer tees that make some universal and rather controversial statements.

Designed and created by husband and wife Tony and Melissa Merenda, the tees area available to both men and women. Displaying sayings such as “Gay Is the New Black,” “Yes, I’m Rich,” “Boys Suck” and “Girls Suck,” the word-saying tees are the best of the lines.

Other tees and tanks are categorized as graphic or vintage. Graphic tees for girls include tanks with the Hello Kitty silhouette and the words “Hella Kitty,” “My milkshake’s better than yours” accompanied by a sparkling milkshake design and the blatant phrase “Fat Chick” with a small chick nesting.

Women’s vintage tees are designed in faded and earth tone colors with sayings such as “Mother Trucker” and “Taxi Dependable.”

Men’s graphic tees are available in a variety of bright colors with phrases and matching graphics such as “Italian Stallion” and “Foot Long,” with a picture of a hotdog and the classic skull and cross bones.

Vintage tees for men include “Fresh Fish,” “The Back Door Club” and the classic graphic of a city with the phrase, “Where the Stupid People Live.”

Merenda tees and tanks are sold in boutiques across the nation, specifically Florida, California, Nevada, Texas and New York. The original Merenda boutique is located on the upper east side of Miami where both Tony and Melissa Merenda cater to every customer’s need.

Additionally, Merenda supports many local designers such as the famous Ash Rana, lending their walls to display some works of local artists.

If you can’t wait to make your statement check out Merenda or visit the website. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and let your tee carry your voice.

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