CD Review fishing with a bluegrass sound

Just as we were all starting to think that all of today’s hot music came from pop stars like Ciara and Britney, Leftover Salmon, a “polyethnic Cajun slamgrass” band has just released its first self-titled studio album filled with astounding acoustic instrument play and uplifting lyrics. Going beyond all musical barriers and providing an innovative groundbreaking sound, the band’s new album helps us open our eyes to a new musical genre – Southern rock music.

Filled with 11 fresh tracks, the album starts off with “Down in the Hollow,” a fast-paced song with a superior banjo intro and transitions to “Weary Traveler,” a smooth and relaxing classic. Blending qualities of bluegrass, funk, boogies and jazz, the album immerses us into a world of Southern musical culture. Most of the songs have to do with earthy themes and are a good example of what is true Cajun music.

Seen as your everyday country-bluegrass band, Leftover Salmon is actually different from all the rest. Composed of five members (three of which have recently joined the band), it is truly setting trends in the overlooked genre of bluegrass music and is building a stepping-stone for other Cajun artists.

If you are looking to get into different types of music or just want something relaxing to listen to, Leftover Salmon is a superb choice, so go out and grab a copy today.

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