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It’s all in the family with FEC’s Mami/Papi Party

This past weekend, the Federacion de Estudiantes Cubanos [FEC] held its third annual Mami/Papi party to allow parents to get the opportunity to meet the members of FEC and get a better idea as to who their children are hanging around with. The event kicked off with several icebreakers, including an activity where baby pictures of FEC members were given to different parents. The parents then had to figure out what member the picture belonged to.
There was plenty of food to go around, including mini Cuban sandwiches, fried chicken and rice and beans. As is customary for any FEC event, there was also plenty of music, accompanied by a dance competition. Awards were also given to parents who have actively participated in FEC or have acted like a parent to many FEC members.

(U-WIRE) BERKELEY, Calif. – When a flier advertising the Greek Queer Straight Alliance was dropped off at his fraternity, junior J.P. Avila saw an all-too-common display of homophobia. “One of my brothers said, ‘This faggot dropped off this flier,’ read it and dropped it on the ground,” Avila said.
For some members of the queer community who are also involved in greek life, their sexual orientation can carry a stigma.
A new Greek Queer Straight Alliance had its first meeting to help combat misconceptions and reach out to members of the greek community.
“I’m sure there are members of the greek community who are not out to their chapters because of real or perceived fears of negative reactions,” said junior Andy Ratto, the main coordinator for the alliance and a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi. “We want to establish a positive sense of community among people who might not always feel that in their own experiences.”
At the meeting, members began laying out goals for the group, including who the group should target, and possible events to sponsor.
“Maybe people are interested in coming, but are scared that they might see someone from their house there,” Avila said. “They could be afraid of being outed, or they could be afraid of being misclassified as gay.”
Some who attended the meeting said the alliance should have been created earlier.
“Ever since being part of the greek community,” said Ian Richardson, the IFC vice president for risk management, “I’ve seen how homophobia exists. So this was an opportunity to help out and finally do something about it.”

The construction of the new building for the School of Nursing and the addition to the Wolfson School of Communication building began Oct. 18. The construction site will be off limits to everyone other than construction personnel. Construction is scheduled to be completed in one year.