Dear V Q: Praying for love…and new friends

    Dear V,

    I just started dating this really great girl that I met at a small party. We talked all night and have been together for two weeks. Recently I found out that she’s extremely religious. I’m talking borderline television evangelist! It came out of nowhere one night while watching movies and talking about past relationships. I’m totally freaked out by it. I’m not at all religious and hate when people impose their religion on others, but I don’t want that to be grounds for us to break up. How should I talk to her about this?

    Praying for Love

    Dear Praying,

    So, your girl is a nut…for God, or maybe Buddha…Sorry, religion is a sensitive issue for both believers and non, obviously. How serious do you see your relationship getting? She might be a “really great girl,” but not the one for you. If you have any desire to take this to the next level, will you be able to do so without the religion issue getting in the way of your star-crossed love?

    If you think you can deal with her love for the Big One, make sure that you’re loud and clear about your “religious boundaries” and that she understands how serious you are about them. If she’s not cool, a.k.a. tries to convert you multiple times, then obviously it wasn’t meant to be.

    Tammy Faye Forever!


    Dear V,

    I have a friend that is getting on my last nerves. She’s very immature and doesn’t think before she speaks. I try to let things go, because I know sometimes she doesn’t mean to be rude, but in several occasions she has embarrassed me in front of other friends, and she never apologizes. She’s a good person, and I would hate to be rude to her. What should I do?

    Frustrated Friend!

    Dear Frustrated,

    Sounds like you might have a case of the toxic friend, or at least a severe case of AFS-Annoying Friend Syndrome. Stop carrying this burden by trying “to let things go,” because clearly your way of dealing with her has not been conducive to you in the least. Next time she does something offensive, kindly, gently let her know how you feel. I know that it might be hard to “take the high road” by letting it all out, but at least you won’t carry around all of this counter-productive bitterness and negativity towards her. I know that you don’t want to end the friendship, but it will die if you don’t speak up.

    Ban AFS~


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