When I heard the very first song on this album and Shedd’s voice started, I was so relieved because she could actually sing! Now, when anyone with cash can put out an album, it’s really rare to find people with actual vocal talent. Not only does Shedd have some very decent vocal abilities, but also her lyrics are very insightful and thought provoking.

The vocals are very sweet and clear. With a laid back attitude, this feel-good album is a definite keeper. Shedd is very self-assertive in her music. Although she sounds accusing and hurt, her self-control is kept in check. She serenades her listeners with a gentle voice and feel-good vibes. The instrumental aspect of Shedd is also commendable. She has a good range of instruments, including some skilled percussionists and guitarists.

OK kids, it’s time to step outside the music box that you’ve been hiding! Think you like heavy metal? You could like something else too. Anyway, check out some Shedd. Everyone has got to like something about her.

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