Stop comparisons of Nazis and conservatives

The un-American, traitorous and defamatory comparisons between the Nazi Party and conservatives within America’s Republican Party have no place in this country’s political discourse. From leaders of the Democratic Party such as Al Gore to newspapers’ opinion pages, liberals have disgraced our democratic system by comparing their political opponents to opponents of the human race. Those on the political Right refrain from equivalent comparisons between Democrats and the Communist Party because they know such statements marginalize and disgrace the many millions who have suffered and died under the strong arm of totalitarianism and American soldiers who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

The analogy frequently made between Adolf Hitler and President Bush clearly crosses the line of common decency and neglects the fact that conservatives and liberals alike shed blood to defeat Nazism during World War II. At Georgetown University last June, former Vice President Al Gore referred to the president’s staff as Nazi “brown shirts.” Leading Democratic contributor George Soros has said, “When I hear Bush say, ‘You’re either with us or against us’ it reminds me of the Germans.”, heavily funded by Soros, featured two ads with the president morphing into Hitler. This desperate mode of attack stands antithetical to American values and illustrates a twisted train of thought by the Left’s lunatic fringe so deeply steeped in fantasy that only it can begin to understand or justify its politics of hate.

Al Gore, George Soros and other columnists can be proud to sit in the company of North Korea’s maniacal tyrant, Kim Jong ll. In August, the Communist mass murderer and enemy of freedom said, “Bush is a tyrant that puts Hitler into the shade and his group of such tyrants is a typical gang of political gangsters.” We now have an idea of which foreign leaders John Kerry says want him to be president. In November, voters must decide whether to vote for a party that shamelessly espouses the ludicrous and demented rhetoric of our enemies or a party deeply committed to preserving and promulgating freedom throughout our world.

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