Latino Fest celebrates culture through music and dance

Last Friday, the UC Patio was alive with Latino music and dance, as Hispanic Heritage Month [HHM] continued with Latino Fest, a celebration of Latino culture.

The event was coordinated by the brothers of Latino Greek Organizations Lambda Theta Phi and Lambda Sigma Upsilon in an effort to bring the Latino Greek community together with other Latino organizations on campus.

David Ten Brink, senior, said that while the Greeks had their own step and dance competitions, “there was no single Latino event for us to show what we all do and so this is it.”

The event was hosted by DJ IOP of the Mun2 network show The Roof, in addition to DJ Rico, various Latino Greek organizations, the Federacion de Estudiantes Cubanos [FEC] Nicaraguan Student Association, SABOR, the Wellness Center Salsa Club and Salsa Craze.

“We wanted to get more involved in Hispanic Heritage Month, and now it’s a big thing for us,” said Ana Maria Trujillo, a junior in the Latina Greek sorority Lambda Theta Alpha.

“Spanish music brings us -the different nations- together because it’s a common bond”johanna paredes, Junior