Dear V Q: Should I meet the parents when I barely know him? Success in a bottle?

    Dear V,
    I’ve known this guy for about four days (like a total of 20 hours). On Instant Messenger, he tells me that his mom is coming down to Miami and he’d like me to meet her. He won’t tell me why, but he did say he’s been telling his mom about me. I don’t have a problem with meeting parents, but this seems a bit straightforward, especially since neither one of us has made a move. To make matters worse, I’m becoming friends with his best friend, who is really hot!

    Dear Reader,
    Yes, you are right; this does seem to be a bit, well, actually, very peculiar. It sounds as if you might be attracted to him, or rather he might be attracted to you in a more-than- friendly manner, but because someone has yet to make a move, you can definitely sweat out a meeting with Mom. Platonically speaking, go ahead and meet Mom (hey, you might even get a free meal out of it-yes!) but keep in mind, especially if you might be coming on to his friend, that you make sure he understands that you’re nothing more than friends (i.e. suggestive body language is a no-no) so you don’t develop a reputation of being “that girl” who meets parents and squanders food for her own glory.
    Good luck!

    Dear V,
    My grades have been on a gradual downward spiral since freshman year. I’ve tried everything I could think of to stay on top of my studies: tutors, study groups, online programs and meetings with my professors, but nothing is working! Even after studying for days and days, I choke on all my exams and feel like a total failure.
    About a week ago, I bought some Aderall pills from a friend of a friend and have been reluctant to take them. They look kind of sketchy and I’m not even sure whose prescription they came from. I’m afraid of the side effects and what other people will think. Should I give the pills a try and see how I do on my next exam, or just suck it up and keep failing until I find a good “clean” method for memory retention?
    Fat Failure

    Hey Fatty,
    There are many students who depend on stimulants, prescription drugs or caffeine to get by. Aderall, a.k.a. amphetamine-dextroamphetamine (mmm, all natural), is a habit forming drug used to treat narcoleptics and those with Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity. I’m not insinuating that you are about to become an Aderall addict, but being that it is a habit forming drug, it is quite possible that you will experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking those little pills, or quite simply not be able to stop taking them due to both physical and psychological dependency on the drug. Did you even see the bottle that they came out of?
    Instead of resorting to pills, maybe you should take a step back and try to unclutter your massively messy plate first. Once you prioritize your time and finally manage to “stay on top of your studies” as you so nicely phrased it, you can gradually start adding your other non-essential, extra curricular activities back into your schedule. Likewise, your problem sounds to be more anxiety based in nature and perhaps you do have test anxiety. Before swallowing those bad boys, I would highly suggest taking a trip to the Counseling Center and seeing if there is something more at play here, cause I think that there might be. 305-284-5511, Building 21R.
    Yay for A’s!

    Something to Ponder-“Formicophilia” is the fetish for having small insects crawl on your genitals…put that in your pipe and smoke it!

    See you on Friday!

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