FILM CONTEST Shorts in the Park is a break-out opportunity

Gen Art, “access to emerging talent.” the national arts and entertainment organization that is devoted to bringing talented artists, fashionistas and filmmakers, are working on their latest project, Shorts in the Park. Shorts in the Park is a visual arts-based event featuring short films from emerging independent filmmakers on large screens in downtown Miami.

Presented by Quantum on the Bay and Terra International, the event will present the films of three Florida-based finalists chosen by professionals in the film industry. As an incentive the winning filmmaker will receive a $5,000 grant from Quantum by Terra International.

Joined by a magnitude of support from Miami locals, the winning film will be screened in front of a 1,000-person audience, followed by a screening of a classic modern film. In its second year of production, Shorts in the Park is an outstanding program by an already experienced organization.

Ten years in the making, Gen Art has a long history of showcasing emerging talents in the film industry. In 2003 Gen Art hosted the Acura film Screening Series that included indy films such as Confidence and Love The Hard Way – both films included big-name stars such as Dustin Hoffman and Adrien Brody.

A tip for aspiring filmmakers: Last year’s film is in the running for an Oscar nomination, so don’t pass up the opportunity. The deadline for films is Monday, Oct.11, with a fee of $10.

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Shorts in the Park

Films submitted cannot be completed
before January 2003.