ART EXHIBIT House and Garden is a deep plunge into domesticity

“A dip in the deep end of domesticity” seems more like a deep plunge into a far concealed and gruesome sight of domesticity. Chad Abel offers his unique perspective on the theme “House and Garden” which titles his current exhibit at the OBJEX ARTSPACE gallery in the design district

Crude depictions of eviscerated barn and domestic animals constitute the trademark of the exhibit, boldly displayed as standing figures or hidden behind a muddle of contrasting colors in paintings. On canvas, the artist spreads bright yellows and rainbow patterns in delicate strokes that gradually turn more aggressive and sloppy. The frequent wild garden displays and colorful rugs of his paintings become grim and complement the sore looks and chocking poses of the models.

Abel conveys obscure messages through bright colors and transforms familiar scenes into hell-like dimensions occupied by none other than members of his family. He pries into his personal conflicts and uses the friction in his m