SURFING POLITICS Who Knew Politics Could Be So Funny?

What a fantastic experience it was having the first Presidential Debate here on the University of Miami campus. As if we needed more proof that this is the best place to be, the entire world set its sights on UM as political and media heavyweights, descending on Walsh Avenue.

If you are feeling the affects of a withdrawal from politics, I have a fix that will help you make it through until the vice presidential debate tonight. I urge you all to check out, a website of political caricatures that is making a buzz for its well-crafted and extremely witty animation. You can also send e-cards from the site or pick up a hilarious screen saver right in time for the November election. What this site offers are a few good laughs and some comedic points that might actually get you thinking about who should be the next man to lead our great nation.

Most of the humor on the site is silly and surely shouldn’t offend anybody. Still, some of the points are valid and hit really close to the truth. It might be a good thing for some of you diehards to chill out and take a look at the lighter side of the political world. This site pokes fun at all parties and candidates with equal distribution. Perhaps some of you that were so caught up in the moment over these past few days will realize how silly it is when you get manic over your political views.

It is a discouraging sight to watch peers scream and get belligerent with anyone who shares different views. Accepting diversity is one of many things that makes our Nation great. If there is one thing I am sure we all can agree on in the month leading up to the election, it is that is a fun site to visit.

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