By Joanna Davila

EDGE Editor

Complied by Concord Records, the compilation called Party Music is a mix of 14 songs by various artists of various genres. Decorated with part of the American flag and some rather chic political pins inscribed with each artist’s name, the cover of the album definitely tells everyone that this CD has something to do with politics.

Handed out by the people who handle the Declare Yourself campaign, the tracks include artists such as the ever-popular Black Eyed Peas with “Hey Mama” and now-famous for their MTV performance of “Maps,” the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

To the surprise of listeners, there are also a few spoken songs or poetry that function as tracks. The first of several is a work entitled “I Let You Call Me Beautiful,” by Marty McConnell, a piece about how beauty is found in flaws and imperfections, not airbrushed bombshells and makeup ads. Interestingly enough, listening to someone speak a message instead of sing along to piano chords and drumbeats has a shockingly strong effect.

Despite the lack of continuity of the various artists, the compilation CD brings together a talented mix of both established and yet-to-be-heard artists who all have strong messages. So team up with Declare Yourself and snag some good tunes.

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By Joanna Davila

Edge Editor

Take Action, Volume 04 is the fourth installment of Sub City Records’ Take Action CDs, an extension of Sub City Records’ annual project to increase awareness of non-profit organizations through music. The two-CD compilation consists of 41 tracks by various punk rock bands that have names in both the punk rock world and mainstream.

Benefiting the National Hopeline Network, a crisis network and hotline for suicide prevention, the proceeds from the CD will go to raise money for the cause. In connection, it is no surprise that Sub City Records makes such a contribution, as the record’s mission is “to create a better world; one voice and one action at a time.”

As far as the compilation itself, the first CD begins with an earnest public service announcement from Andrew W.K who states that “life is a big and crazy place…don’t give up.” Immediately following, an unreleased song by NOFX pumps out music so energetically that by the song’s end, any listener has to be pumped with energy. Joining NOFX on the first of two CDs are The Kicks, Ever We Fall, V.P.R., and Go Betty Go, who all continue the energy started at the beginning of the 70-minute music menagerie. CD two by far carries a few more household names, such as Coheed & Cambria, Taking Back Sunday, Rufio, and Now It’s Overhead, that all lay down exceptional tracks. Both CDs, whether listened to together or apart are both outstanding collections of punk rock music.

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