LETTER TO THE EDITOR RE: “So much for ‘sisterhood’,” 9/21

As a freshman, I was nervous to go through the recruitment process, but our Rho Gammas continued to emphasize that we shouldn’t be upset if we didn’t get a bid to one of the six sororities on campus because we could always go through Alpha Delta Pi’s (ADPi’s) recruitment.

Despite what The Hurricane stated in its editorial, I believe recruitment was very clear. We had three options: go for one of the six existing sororities and get a bid; go for one, not get a bid and go for ADPi, or just go for ADPi. They gave us the option to drop out and go for ADPi if we felt it was the one for us. Anyone who didn’t grasp that concept just wasn’t paying attention.

Rather than put down Greek recruitment, The Hurricane should be commending the six UM sororities for their outstanding support in welcoming a new group to campus. Multiple Greek women have willingly volunteered to help with ADPi’s recruitment and even offered to take a Little Sister under their wing just like they do with other sororities.

Maybe The Hurricane should try not to reinforce the already negative reputation that sororities have. They all have embraced ADPi and soon-to-be members with open arms.

Ashley Davidson

RE: “Debate brings inconveniences to parking and Wellness Center,” 9/28

I’m overjoyed to be having the first presidential debate on our campus. At least, I would be if I could see President Bush or Senator Kerry at any point during the week. Unfortunately, this charade is an attempt to enhance the political agenda of Donna Shalala via the resources of our University. The students are merely going to be the backdrop of many a television reporter during this week.

The Wellness Center is closed for four days for a bunch of reporters, the commuter parking garage is changed into a lot for resident students, the largest resident lot on campus is closed, the grass is torn up by “Green Space lots” (100 dollars says that UNICCO will spend a month making our university “beautiful” afterwards), and fences are erected all around campus. The U.S. Postal Service delivers through rain, sleet, ice, hail, but not when there’s a presidential debate on campus.

It’s reassuring to note, however, that we will be allowed to carry backpacks during the week of the debate. I doubt the Secret Service would enjoy carrying my books to class. Also, it’s refreshing to note that security will be so tight that the preschoolers won’t be able to go to school on Thursday. Way to keep campus safe.

From UM’s debate website: “Students also are playing a key role, volunteering at debate-related events, organizing rallies, and taking part in the voting process-some for the first time in their young lives.” Volunteering at debate-related events and organizing rallies and not getting to see any benefits for their hard work, that’s how the students are being treated. We are young, but not all of us are na