Fans overly hard on Berlin

I want to start off by saying that I am extremely disturbed by everyone’s stance on the 2004 Miami Hurricanes. Everyday I have to hear the same whining by students and fans that Brock Berlin is awful and shouldn’t be the quarterback of this team. Well, that’s nice and all guys, but looking down the roster, you’re stuck with him for the last eight games of the year (nine if there is a bowl game).

I might be the only Berlin fan left in South Florida, but I feel that I have good enough reasons why I haven’t lost faith in No. 7. First of all, for all of you that were crying about the offensive plays against Houston last week, look at our record and look at the score of the game. We’re 3-0 and we won 38-13. People have to understand that the way this team is going to win is through its defense. The days of Ken Dorsey are over, and the days of the Ohio State mentality are here for the mean time.

In 2002, Ohio State “won” the national championship with its defense and special teams. Why can’t we? Berlin has proven time and time again that he can be just good enough to win games. He is 14-2 now as a starter in Division I football. Not too many quarterbacks can say they’ve done that.

The fans of the Hurricanes are spoiled. They’ve seen the likes of Vinny Testaverde, Jim Kelly and, of course, Dorsey. In the words of Bill Parcells, “It’s not like I can call up 1-800-QUARTERBACK and I’ll have one sitting on my doorstep in two days.”

Berlin has proven in the past two seasons that he is able to come back to win a game. He did it against Florida; he’s done it against Florida State twice, and he’s done it against West Virginia. Even if No. 7 continues to play mediocre or even awful, this team’s defense and special teams are still good enough to win games. Berlin only had to throw for 99 yards against the Cougars last week. I know everyone wants to see him put up 400 yards, but he didn’t have to. They still won by 25 points. Do we have to win every game 70-3 and have our offense put up 500 yards every week for everyone to be happy around here?

Take what’s been given to us, which are an amazing defense and a special teams unit that is much more improved over last years, especially with Brian Monroe punting the ball well.

The bottom line is, this is a new brand of Miami football that we aren’t used to seeing. It’s been a while since we haven’t averaged 30-second scoring drives, but get used to it. I’ve always had the mentality that a win is a win. Whether it’s 3-2 or 70-0, it counts the same in the standings. So everyone relax. Enjoy this exciting defense, and hey, we have the next three years to enjoy Kyle Wright.

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