Does Pres. Bush even have a foreign policy?

How gullible does President Bush think the American people are when he insists that his foreign policy has succeeded in accomplishing our goals? In a kindergarten type of way, Bush has handled foreign relations with other countries while destroying our surplus, not fixing healthcare, attempting to implement a discriminatory amendment, butchering the English language, not finding Osama, hiding Saddam from the media, and managing to fit in enough days to play a few rounds of golf before he takes in his daily reading of My Pet Goat.

I hate to get off on a rant here, but how exactly are Britain, Italy, Australia, Poland, Denmark, Holland, South Korea, Japan, Spain and some other tiny, non-existent countries the main participating countries that supported the ousting of Saddam? I can respect Great Britain, Australia and Japan for their ability to develop truly sophisticated militaries. But it was only Britain that gave a significantly large enough effort to participate in this war. All the other countries gave token amounts of military support to appease Bush so he wouldn’t impose any economic sanctions against them. Who has ever asked Poland, Holland or Denmark about their opinion in military affairs? The only other time you’ll find those three countries in the same conversation is when comparing whose chocolate tastes better.

The countries whose support we did need did not want to support us because the Bush administration refused to give more time to the weapons inspectors. Would it have hurt to wait another month and see what they could have found? Certainly not, and if anybody says it costs money to keep a military idle for a month, try funding it for over a year without finding the main objective as to why it went to Iraq in the first place.

Tell over 1,000 mothers that their children died because we couldn’t wait a little bit longer. Better yet, tell them their child died a hero trying to find something that was never there.

It’s true that Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan are now our huggable buddies against the war on terror. But almost all the terrorists still come from those countries, including Osama “Waldo” Laden who appears to hide out in our friend Pakistan’s backyard. But then again, Bush doesn’t consider bin Laden America’s biggest problem anymore; he’s got more oil to catch – I mean, more countries to liberate – like Iran and Syria.

If we give four more years to Bush, what can we really expect from a man that has bankrupted every business he has ever owned? He managed to run down a baseball team! Our country should not be a business at the hands of an incompetent CEO, and by all means, we should not let Bush run us down more then he already has.

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