Dear V Not every girl is a Barbie with her Ken

    Dear V,
    I was never one to rely on a boy to complete my life, but lately I’ve realized that I’ve had just way too much time to spend with myself. I know relationships just fall in your lap, but nothing has come my way for at least two years. I’ve been fine with the single life, and spending great quality time with my friends, but now it’s starting to worry me. It’s put a huge damper on my self-confidence.
    I’m not asking for you to find love for me, but how can I not focus so much on this? Help me, V!
    Sadly Single

    Hi Sadly,
    Chipper up! I know how easy it is to fall into the “nobody loves me” rut and spend your Saturdays schlepping around Blockbuster in search of Love Story and When Harry Met Sally. Believe me, I know…all too well. But when life gives you lemons, add some tequila and make margaritas, sweetheart! You can totally get yourself out of your man-pining phase by actually going out and doing something about your desire!
    First of all, relationships don’t “just fall in your lap,” as you so eloquently phrased it. Some people are lucky enough to stumble into like and then into love, and other people-the majority-have to work for it, a lot. Have you tried broadening your circle of friends just a tad? Branching out is your key to meeting new people and expanding your horizons, if you get my drift. Likewise, not having a boyfriend should never squash your self-esteem. Maybe if you put aside all of the time you spend dwelling on your supposed pathetic-ness and instead focus your energies into something a little more life-productive (a.k.a. meeting new people, hint, hint!), you wouldn’t feel so down in the dumps.
    With too much respect for clich