CD REVIEW Tyler Hilton The Tracks of Tyler Hilton

From first glance Tyler Hilton mirrors a picture perfect image of James Dean with a strong jaw-line and enchanting eyes. The new arrival from Palm Springs, California debuted his album in late summer 2004 and seems to be joining the ranks of his fellow 20 something crooners.

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Tyler’s affinity with music started at a young age, writing songs at 13. Now, at 20 and signed with Maverick Records, Tyler’s 11-track album is just shy of perfect. Satisfying and soulful Tyler’s unique vocal sound is combined with piano chords and guitar strings that create rich lasting melodies.

Exuding confidence with every note, Tyler’s feature track cut “When it Comes” talks to taking trips and reinvention. It seems only fitting that Tyler says, “well, I’ll comb my hair like Elvis and grab and an old Gretch ’59,” as his album exudes a very raw, vintage feel.

Infectious and easy to listen too, Tyler Hilton is a true musician, exemplifying true talent and self-expression through his music.

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