CD Review The Features Exhibit A

A surge of melodies and lyrical coos The Features, the new band from Universal Records, has a psychedelic sound that beats out the sounds. Rambunctious and lively, The Features are very much in the same genre as relatively new chart toppers Franz Ferdinand and Jet, evoking the same vocal sound. This similarity works to The Features advantage as the audience and want for edgy rock n’ roll is definitely evident in society.

Combined with quick to learn lyrics, hand clapping, and hard-edged drums and guitar, the band’s first full-length album, appropriately called Exhibit A, is an excellent debut in the music industry. Although the band does have similar sounds to some of the greats, The Features do have tracks that are fresh and original.

A group of four boys from Sparta, Tennessee, the tracks weave stories of pure fun and funk, troubles, and “The Idea of Growing Old”-a sweet song of the idea of growing old with someone. For comical value, “Me and the Skirts” is a song about courtship that ends in frustration and anger, a slight variation to guy gets the girl.

In general, The Features seem to have grasp on the real sense of rock n’ roll, an excellent start for a band who seems to be on the right path to stardom.

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