CD REVIEW Sahara Hotnights Kiss & Tell

Named one of Rolling Stones “10 Great New Bands” Sahara Hotnights are the new chic rocker chicks on the scene. Producing seventies style rock music with pop the quartet is hot.

Four young Scandinavian women who are bringing new style to the iconic look of old school groups such as Abba, Ace of Base, and the Cardigans, Sahara Hotnights are fusing new school with old school. Comprised of a vocalist, a drummer, a guitarist and her bass-playing sister, the four are an electrifying mix.

Bouncy and full of energy, Kiss & Tell is heavy with underground rock rifts and dance inspired grooves that inspire images of the girls dancing in their underwear. Without sacrificing their edge, the girls managed to produce a sound all of their own while maintaining a seductive yet sexy flair.

Singing about bettering relationships and relationships in general, the girls passionately rock out to pop ballads and head-bobbing beats that are sure to get anyone going. Although the girls lean more to an audience of both closet and non-closet rock chicks, boys may find their sexy edge alluring. Regardless, despite to comparisons to the short-lived The Donnas, the girls of Sahara Hotnights have a real feel, one that will relate to listeners for albums to come.

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