CD REVIEW John Butler Trio What You Want

An eclectic mix of soul, reggae, and a sultry Australian accent, the John Butler Trio is America’s new import from down under. Honored as being the only Australian artist to debut with a number one album, John Butler Trio knows how to make some good music.

The six-track EP titled What You Want is an eclectic mEnage of country funk, blues, and soul-based beats. Drawing sounds from a variety of instruments such as guitars, banjos, bongos and electronica, John Butler’s beats compare to some of the greats like Zepplin and Ben Harper.

The EP is the trio’s initial release in the United States, soon to be followed by a full-length album in spring of 2005. The EP, however, contains six songs, three of which were unreleased until now. A combination of original songs and a remake version of Lennon and McCartney’s classic “Across the Universe” the conscious lyrics of the trio are moving, emotionally and physically.

Soulful yet full of funk and spirit, the John Bulter Trio is headed for success here in the States – don’t be the last one to realize their talent.

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