The New Face Of Paul Frank

Paul Frank Industries is known for Julius, the cute monkey with the big smile, fun pajamas, t-shirts with fun sayings and almost everything and anything cute. Now, with the debut of the Optometrics line, fashions for men and women and home accessories, Paul Frank is showing a new face.

A company started in 1995 by a newsstand worker named (obviously) Paul Frank, Paul Frank Industries has grown into a mega-market company with a variety of products. Originally started by customizing wallets made from 1950s lettering books and dead stock vinyl, the wallets became a popular accessory in Paul Frank’s hometown of Huntington Beach, California.

After joining up with a venture capitalist and PR managers for Mossimo, Paul Frank Industries was brought to life in January of 1997. Using a wide color palette, vinyl materials and a group of animated characters, Paul Frank has captured the attention of teens and 20-somethings, making the company a household name. Existing only by popular demand, the company has no formal coordinated advertising, no sponsored athletes, and until recently, not even a complete marketing budget.

Now in 2004, Paul Frank has launched a line of watches through a joint agreement with Vestal, and the Optometrics Sunglass line through an agreement with Baum Vision. The watch line features Julius and friends backed by bright colors and watchbands of silver links, stitched leather and a rubber like material. Classic “cute” style to vintage combinations of baby blue and brown, Paul Frank’s watches are sleek and adorable, a cut above the usual tees and accessories that adorn the never-ending racks of beachside surf shops.

The Optometrics line is a mod collection of popular styles, big frames or round ovals