How the war in Iraq will win the war on terror

Since Sept. 11, one of the biggest questions flooding our political debate has been how best to win the war on terror. Many people have a problem with the way that President Bush is trying to win this war. The focus of these complaints revolves around the war in Iraq. I will explain to you how the war in Iraq will win the war on terror.

In order to win the war on terror we must understand why the part of the world that breeds terrorists hates America so deeply. All of those living in Middle Eastern countries look at America and see how prosperous and wealthy we are. They see our tremendous buildings and our luxury houses. They see our influence in the world, and our unprecedented military sophistication. Because of the proud and dominant history of the Arabian Peninsula, Middle Easterners are enraged to see our society far more prosperous than theirs. Using the tool of state controlled media, many Arab and Muslim leaders deflect all this anger and rage toward America and Israel. These leaders have engrained in the hearts and minds of their people that it is America’s fault that we are so successful while they continue to live in misery.

The truth is that these Middle Eastern countries are so far behind the Western world because of the tyranny and oppression that has engulfed the region. No country can prosper, and no American will be safe, until these governments are accountable to their people. In this world of order, everyone must be held accountable for their actions. If I commit a crime, I go to jail. If you don’t study for an exam, you get a bad grade, and if the government does not act according to the desires of its citizens, it will be replaced. When Jimmy Carter acted cowardly during the Iran hostage crises, he was held accountable. When George H.W. Bush did not follow through with a campaign promise, he was held accountable. And when Saddam Hussein stole billions of dollars from his people, and murdered tens of thousands of his own citizens, he must be held accountable! Middle Eastern leaders must act according to the desires of their citizens, not themselves. Otherwise, Middle Eastern countries will never progress and they will slip further into the pit of hatred and intolerance and terrorism will never end.

When Iraq becomes a vibrant, functional democracy, its elected officials will act according to the desires of its constituents. A country such as Iraq, with a highly educated population and tremendous natural resources, will become a successful, prosperous, and wealthy first world country in due time. When this happens, the secret will be out. It is not America that is holding the Middle East back. It is the tyrannical dictators that make the populations suffer for their own personal benefit. And that will be the first and most difficult step to achieving a free, prosperous, and peaceful Middle East.

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