Money and Movies
Gen Art hosts Shorts in the Park, a program set to give aspiring filmmakers a $5,000 grant. Films are due by Oct. 11. To apply, go to to get all submission criteria, or call the Miami office at 305-695-8200. Submission is $10 and all films will be automatically considered for the Film Festival in New York.

Good luck to the girls of ADPi, hopefully they won’t do anything that we’ll have to make fun of.

The Debate: Class or no class?
So everyone knows that campus is becoming politically active, ahem-the Presidential Debate-and a host of other events. Whether the rumor about cancelled classes is true or not, don’t forget to check out the Rock the Vote concert taking place on Thursday, Sept. 29 at the Patio featuring acts such as Sarah Hudson, Ben Jelen, Dan Dyer, and the Wylde Boys. Oh, the Debate Watch party is going to have performances by Vanessa Carlton and Jill Scott…rumors are Jill Scott is a big diva and demanded a bigger dressing room. The Debate Watch concert will be occurring on Sept. 30, the day of the debate. For more information on campus events, check the calendar-this is just Excess.

Despite the want to rebel and not wear the cheesy University of Miami lanyards with our ‘Cane Cards, don’t be stupid and get kicked off campus. Wear the card.