ZEN THOUGHTS RELAX: places to go and things to do to leave stress behind

Life is stressful. Work, school, grades, extracurricular activities, even the other half; no matter what the circumstance, we all need to take a break. So, if that back stretch isn’t working and your nerves are still shaking and your muscles are tight, read on.

Everyday ways to relax:
Breathe deeply! Breathing patterns date back for centuries.
Give yourself at least 30 minutes everyday to have some quiet time. Whether you read a book before you go to bed or just listen to some music, shut everyone out and just be in the moment. Not allowing disturbances will help you settle and ultimately allow you to get refocused.
Allow more time for sleep. Despite long hours and dedicated time to studying and partying, sleep is vital to our bodies. The one thing that students take the most advantage of, sleep helps keep us healthy so that when we pull an all-nighter we don’t wake up with a headache and a runny nose.

Places to help you relax:
Go to the beach! No, not South Beach where people are lounging two inches away from your towel and nearly naked sun worshippers stroll the waterline. Instead go to Biscayne Beach and relax under the swaying palm fronds and play on the sandbar. The relaxed atmosphere is a natural luxury not to be overlooked. The cost? $2
The botanical gardens or the park. Get outdoors and relish in the feel of the sun warming your back and the fresh smell of cut grass- enjoy the flora and fauna of Miami. Strolling outdoors, (away from US-1) is surprisingly satisfying.

If nothing else does it for you:

Shin Wellness
2125 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 540
Miami Florida
(305) 571-9090

With a cozy zen feeling and a myriad of services, Shin Wellness is the epicenter for relaxation and rejuvenation. Locating in a booming area of Miami, Shin is accessible to an array of patients from athletes trying to reach peak condition, to martial arts enthusiasts and regulars whose main goal is maintaining vitality. The array of services include: chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, energy healing, life coaching, physical therapy, tai chi, yoga, nutritional counseling, inspirational presentations, and life & business counseling.
Started by Life and Business consultant Jonty Braun and Chiropractor Wendy Gallego, the team of specialists will guarantee a refreshing experience.

Joanna Davila can be contacted at j.davila1@umiami.edu.