Tyson balances busy schedule to lead Hurricane volleyball

Most University of Miami athletes have a full plate to handle. UM volleyball player Elizabeth Tyson, and her boyfriend, football player Chris Myers, are no exception.

While most students are concerned about their workload, the couple’s refreshing attitude toward its obligations may makes one want to think twice. Tyson not only shoulders the academic responsibilities of being a Miami student, but is also quite focused on her significant role in the volleyball team’s lineup.

Tyson said she is an emotional player who feeds off the passion of her teammates.

“Biz is a very important outside hitter,” Head Coach Nicole Lantagne Welch said. “She is the type of player who can bring so much to the court with her emotion.”

This season, Tyson hopes to bring experience and leadership to the squad. However, Tyson said she feels lucky to be a part of a talented team with superior coaching.

Tyson, and the rest of the team for that matter, also attain success on the court thanks to a significant work ethic.

“We practice everyday and our coaching does a great job preparing us for matches with scout charts as well as the scout team,” Tyson said.

It would seem obvious that Tyson would find herself facing a lack of time to spend on Myers. On top of this, one has to consider his own rigorous practice schedule that comes with being an integral part of the Hurricanes’ offensive line.

Despite their intense commitment to their respective sports, the two make the most out of their time together.

“We’re really good at time management and planning our schedules,” Tyson said. “We have the same major [political science], we try and take the same classes, and living together we see each other at night.”

Tyson does admit, though, that games can get in the way of having a life.

“Our teammates call us Mom and Dad, because we stay in and don’t get to go out and party too much,” she said. “But we enjoy hanging out, watching movies, and being able to relax.”

While both Tyson and Myers share uncommon work ethics and dedication, they also show support at each other’s games. The two constantly cheer each other on in an undeniable display of spirit.

“I know he gets excited at each of my matches, and when I watch him play, I become both excited and nervous,” Tyson said. “I think anxious is a good word for how I feel”.

Tonight, Tyson and the rest of the squad will face a stiff test against Florida State, a game she described as “huge,” coupled with the fact that it will be the Hurricanes’ first ACC match. As if that wasn’t imposing enough, Tyson faces another challenge: teaching Myers to play volleyball.

“I’m trying to teach him to play beach volleyball,” she said. “He’s not real light on his toes but he’s not bad.”

Michael Soto can be contacted at m.soto3@umiami.edu.