News Briefs

MPA Latin American film series comes back to UM

The Motion Picture Association [MPA] and the University of Miami have launched the second annual MPA-UM Latin American Film Series. The series features selected films from Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile and Mexico. Chile’s “Sexo con Amor,” directed by Boris Quercia, kicked off the series Sept. 17 at the Bill Cosford Cinema. Screenings begin at 7 p.m. and tickets are $6 general admission, free for UM students. The series will showcase selected films twice a month, and the list of the featured films will be announced shortly. For more information on screening times at the University of Miami and dates, call (305) 284-1870.

Crazed dog strikes U. Florida students

(U-WIRE) GAINESVILLE, Fla.- A one-eyed, 70-pound Pit Bull attacked two college students at a University of Florida-area apartment complex on Thursday, inflicting severe wounds on its victims before Alachua County (Fla.) sheriff’s deputies fatally shot it, police say. UF student Ryan Tyler, 21, was in a second-floor stairwell when the dog attacked him, latching onto his arm and removing a large chunk of flesh, police say. UF sophomore Ian Carmichael, 19, followed Tyler’s screams and then jumped onto the dog’s back to pin it down. Nathan J. Lezwiewicz, 21, a South Florida Community College student, said he also heard screams and ran to the scene, grabbing kitchen knives from a woman in a nearby apartment. Both he and Carmichael repeatedly stabbed the dog until it released Tyler. It then attacked Ryan Troup, 19, who had been trying to help. Lezwiewicz said he pinned the dog and stuck a knife in its neck while twisting its collar in an attempt to choke it. The dog released Troup, who was pulled inside the apartment of the woman who supplied the knives, Carmichael said. ASO deputies arrived soon after and put a dogcatcher’s noose around the dog’s neck. After shooting three rounds of non-lethal “beanbags” -with no effect-they fatally shot the dog. Tyler, listed in stable condition, and Troup were taken to Shands at UF for treatment. ASO spokesman Stephen Maynard said that if Carmichael and Lezwiewicz hadn’t arrived to help, Tyler would have died. “I’ve seen dog attacks before, but nothing as severe as this.”

The Wellness Center is now offering wheelchair tennis lessons! For more information, contact Bill Aronsorl at (305)324-4455 ext. 6995 or visit

The AOL Instant Messenger service has agreed to be part of the Rock the Vote Campus Invasion Tour, giving students an opportunity to sign up for the service, learn how to set up IM for their cell phones, and even take home some free shirts. Look out for AOL Instant Messaging at the Rock the Vote Tour at UM Oct. 1.