Ghost in a Shell appears in theaters today. The anime film is set in the year 2029 and is strikingly similar to The Matrix. The Japanical film is said to be rather intriguing.

For those of you getting tired of Chartwell’s and stir-fry, hit up the Big Cheese on 67th and US-1. Portions are made for two, garlic knots come in excess and they deliver right to your door.
(305) 662-6855

Proof we ain’t lying:
So Miami played host to new magazine Sway as it had its launch party in SoBe on Sept. 12; check out cool pics from www.cooljunkie.com. By the way, the party was at Amika- told ya that place is heating up.

Hilton heiress Paris was featured on television the other day, singing…that’s right, singing. The new blonde Barbie of the music biz apparently has a pretty decent voice.