Toby Lightman is a rising singer whose brand new cover of Mary J. Blige’s “Real Love” and sultry vocals are taking over the radio airwaves. Releasing her CD with 12 solid tracks, Little Things is a sexy, soulful R&B album backed by rich themes. Using drums, strings, piano, and guitar, the beats range from upbeat and on the border pop to slow and sensual. Lightman’s raw, edgy voice garbles about love, fear and rejection; themes that although constantly rehashed, still seem fresh with airiness at every note.

Somewhat similar to songstress Joss Stone, Toby’s music is provocative to the mind, to the soul and even to sexuality. Infectious, the soothing melodious tunes evoke a sense of determined femininity, a trait that Toby has obviously mastered through her music. Not completely full of deep ballads and murmurings of longing, tracks such as “Devils and Angels” and “Leave It Inside” are both powerful and animated enough to induce some sexy dance moves.

Whether Toby Lightman’s Little Things takes residence in the car, the CD player or the iPod, her invigorating songs will leave anyone empowered. As the lyrics state, “Your songs don’t leave my mind…” neither will Lightman’s after a few listens.

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