News Briefs

Attention broadcast journalism students!

Fox Channel [FNC] has launched the “Fox News Channel College Challenge” competition. Teams of two to four must choose one of 16 selected topics and research, write, produce, and submit an objective broadcast news story. The panel of about four judges will include Emmy award-winning anchor, Jon Scott. Winners will receive a scholarship of $10,000 and an additional $10,000 will be awarded to their respective schools. Along with the scholarship, winners will be invited to appear on FNC to recount their experience and have their names displayed on the Fox News website. To enter, log on to no later that Oct. 15, 2004 with tape entries postmarked by Dec. 31. Winners will be contacted personally by April 15, 2005.

Ball State U. residence halls brimming with card sharks

(U-WIRE) MUNCIE, Ind.- While many students like to travel outside of their buildings to find exciting weekend fun, others like to stay in the comfort of their own halls to play countless hours of poker. Not only does poker provide financially struggling students a chance to win some much-needed cash, but it’s also an excellent social event and a great way to meet new people.

“In person I have seen someone lose $300 at one time, and on TV I have seen a person lose around 5 million,” Dusty Bodenmiller said. “I once lost about $100 myself.”

“Playing poker gives students an outlet to meet people that share a common interest and develop friendships that have the potential to be long-lasting,” Brendan Gaff, sophomore, said. “It can help break down barriers between people who don’t know each other by giving them something in common.”

While poker provides many students with an enjoyable pastime, it does have a dark side. Gaff said a major setback of playing poker is that it is highly addictive. When asked if he was addicted to poker, Francis said he was very addicted.

“I think I am going to name my first kid Po Ker,” Francis said.

UM has been chosen as one of only five universities to participate in the CLASS PROJECT Campus Life in America Survey. This prestigious research project of Princeton University is the first of its kind. Check your email for instructions on how to participate in the survey.

Toppel offers a variety of workshops to help you succeed in your job search. All workshops take place in the Toppel Career Library and include job searching on the web, power networking, and resume/cover letter writing. Please visit for more information.