Miami Spice:Celebrating a Passion for Food

The smell of garlic wafts through the air, coconut rice sticks gingerly to the gleaming white china, and nearby a martini glass swirls with smooth red liquid and mint leaves. For many, flipping a bill of an upwards of $40 per plate isn’t always so affordable. To increase access to some of Miami’s elite eateries, the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau has organized a two-month long program called Miami Spice. Beginning on the first of August and ending September 30, 54 of Miami’s dining delicacies are offering three and four course meals for as low as $20.04 for lunch and $30.04 for dinner.

For food connoisseurs, lounge lovers, or those who just love good food, Miami Spice is advantageous. While most would think that the menu offered with the Miami Spice price would be sub-par to regular service, restaurants such as Azul, Chef Allen’s, and The Forge still serve dishes that make mouths water just reading the ingredients. Roasted organic chicken, duck foie gras mousse with crusty bread, grilled hog snapper with warm tomato salad and wasabi aioli: the list of tantalizing combinations is almost never-ending, and those are just the entrees.

SushiSamba Domo

Flaunting a fusion of Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian influences, SushiSamba Domo, located on Lincoln Road, is a dynamic dining experience. From the glowing orange fluorescents to the metro tables and almost ground level seating, SushiSamba leaves nothing out, sparing nothing on their menu for Miami Spice Month. For lunch, the first course is a choice between a field green salad or the “Lincoln Road” roll, a sushi roll filled with salmon, avocado, and tobiko – to name a few ingredients. After an entr