How President Bush has handled US foreign relations

There have been many attacks against our President in this hostile political season. One of these attacks has become a cornerstone of the Democratic party. The President is accused of instituting a “go it alone” policy that has “alienated the U.S. from the rest of the world.”

These accusations are ridiculous. Over 30 nations supported our removal of Saddam, including Britain, Italy, Australia, Poland, Denmark, Holland, South Korea, Japan, and, formerly, Spain. But for some reason many democrats won’t call it a “multi-national coalition” until France and Germany sign on.

The fact that the U.S. has the leading role in this fight should be no surprise. When the civilized world has fought in the past century, or will fight in the foreseeable future, against a common enemy, the U.S. has and must take the leading role. As the lone superpower, it’s our duty to lead such just causes. The U.S. had an equally commanding role in World War II, the Korean War, the Cold War and the Gulf War with no complaints from France.

We have also formed new partnerships in the war on terror. The most notable and beneficial relationship has been with Pakistan. Before 9/11, Pakistan was considered a leading supporter of terror, but after Bush said we will make no distinction between those that harbor terrorists from those that commit terrorist acts, President Musharraf of Pakistan decided to be an ally of the U.S. instead of an enemy. President Bush deserves the credit.

General Kaddafi of Libya has also had a history of hostility. In fact, we barely avoided a military confrontation with Libya during both the Carter and Reagan administrations. Today Libya has decided to comply with the international request to dismantle their WMD programs and to allow weapons inspectors full access to facilities. Why is Libya now complying? Maybe, after defying the entire world for decades, Kaddafi randomly decided that he was finally going to play nice. Or maybe he understood that when President Bush says something, he means it.

In addition, President Bush, through his forthright support of Israel’s fight against unprecedented terror, further reaffirmed America’s commitment to fight terrorism and willingness to support our sister democracies.

Since President Bush has taken office the world has changed dramatically. Iraq and Afghanistan, two countries brutalized by oppressive dictators, are well on their way to democracy and hopefully prosperity. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Pakistan are now strong allies in the war on terror. Libya is no longer a threat to the world. Our allies in Europe are standing strong with the US in fighting terror. Our Asian allies never left our side. Now all we have to do is worry about Iran, Syria, and North Korea. But we have only given President Bush four years. Let give him four more and see what he can do.

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